Safely Talking Workshops

Co-facilitated by Everymind and the Mental Health Council Tasmania, this workshop will explore how to prepare and provide safe community discussions on suicide and suicide prevention.

Who is to for?

Local experts, community organisations, schools, workplaces, people with lived experience and individuals who want to talk about suicide and suicide prevention to community groups.

Why should I go?

If you are interested in raising awareness of suicide and suicide prevention, this workshop will help you to make sure you are speaking consistenlty and safely. The workshop will step you through the new Safely Talking toolkit, designed to assist you in providing safe and effective community discussions. You will also be invitied to be included on the Safely Talking register.

What is the Safely Talking register?

The Safely Talking register will hold the details of individuals and community organisations who offer public talks at schools, workplaces and community events. The register will be published on the website. The register will assist host organisations in identifying a suicide prevention speaker for their event.
*Please note: attendance at the workshop is a requirement to be added to the Safely Talking register

To book your seat click on the link below

Hobart 10th September

Burnie 11th September

Launceston 12th September