Organisation Sign-Up Kit

As a Tasmanian organisation, or a national organisation with a state-based presence, you can register as an Organisational Signatory to the Tasmanian Communications Charter

How to get started

1. Sign the declaration

The declaration is a commitment to the principles of the Tasmanian Communications Charter along with training your staff to speak together for mental health and suicide prevention. Send your completed declaration to the Mental Health Council, Tasmania. Upon receiving your declaration, your organisation will be signed up to the Tasmanian Communications Charter.

2. Train your existing staff

Training your staff in the Charter’s principles and key messages ensures the whole organisation has a shared understanding and a common language of mental health and suicide prevention. You can train staff individually or within a group at a team meeting or staff training day.

Individual training:

Staff may complete the online training at The training is free and takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.

Group training:

A supervisor may provide powerpoint training to the team at a staff meeting or training day. The training takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.

3. Induct new staff

During the induction phase of new staff, provide an opportunity for staff to complete the Tasmanian Communications Charter training by going to

For further information

Bree Klerck

Tasmanian Communications Charter

Project Officer