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      Safely Talking Workshops

      Co-facilitated by Everymind and the Mental Health Council Tasmania, this workshop will explore how to prepare and provide safe community discussions on suicide and suicide prevention. Who is to for? Local experts, community organisations, schools, workplaces, people with lived experience and individuals who want to talk about suicide and suicide prevention to community groups. Why […]

      16 Aug 2019

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      Become a StigmaWatcher

      StigmaWatch is a national organisation set up to ensure that the media report respectfully and safely on mental illness and suicide. You can help StigmaWatch with their work by reporting unsafe or stigmatising media articles to StigmaWatch. The video below provides a brief introduction on what StigmaWatch is and how you can help to support […]

      24 Jun 2019

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      What our Working Party members are Saying

      As part of the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016-2020, the State government commissioned the development of a Tasmanian mental health and suicide prevention communications charter. To be signed by organisations and individuals working in the mental health and suicide prevention sectors along with government and community leaders. The primary purpose of the Charter is to […]

      6 Sep 2018